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What is the champions league? 

The Champions League is a 6-week, invite-only league for truly the best of the best racers at SIK. Each week will feature a different event, whether it be a different format, track or track configuration.

  • Who Can Compete?

    We truly want it to be the best of the best of the racers at SIK. So you have to prove yourself by prevailing in one of our SIK Special Events**. 

  • When Will the League Happen?

    We are looking at a winter timeframe, as that seems to be the most popular with our regulars. You can expect the league to start in January and run for six weeks. 

  • How to Get an Invite?

    The top two finishers in league championships, individual league nights or teams in team-based SIK Special Events will earn a ticket to the Champions League pool. At the conclusion of all eligible events, 24 participants will be drawn to receive invites and receive first right of refusal to participate. If you participate in 17 SIK Special Events**, (one night per league, all SIK one-off events and all endurance races) you will skip the drawing and get an automatic entry into the league.

  • What are the Champions League Events?

    We can't release the exact events, as we are still doing some beta testing to perfect them. But you can expect events on both the road course and slick track, different event formats and configurations. No two events will be the same. 

  • What is the Cost?

    The cost for all six events (no individual events will be available) will be $500. 

  • What do you win?

    Other than extreme bragging rights? We have some great prizes in the works and will announce them as the league gets closer. 

**SIK Special Events

Below are examples of SIK Special Events. These are the ones you want to win to get into the pool for the Champions League.

League Action

$85/Race or $450/Full Season

  • Standard league competition
  • Practice, Qualifying and Finals
  • Single Race or Full Season Options

Endurance Race

$100/individual | $200/team

  • Team-Based Competition

  • Practice, Qualifying and 30-60 minute Finals
  • Individual or Team Entry Options

Special Races


  • Different formats from traditional league nights

  • Different configurations from traditional league or endurance races
  • All Special Races will be reflected in the Champions League - think of it as a chance to practice!

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